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Ever wonder what “working smart” really even means? Or maybe you’re like me, neck deep, hours into something, wondering: If and when the work straight SUCKS and feels harder than heck, does that mean I’m dumb or not doing it right? First of all: NO. No it does not. And second of all, what growth-oriented […]

The List-to-self That Helps Me Work Smarter Instead of Harder


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When it comes to top wellness practices that really make a significant impact on a person’s wellbeing, meditation most definitely makes the list for me. Although it’s only been about a year since I started meditating consistently, I firmly believe it’s inspired significant strides in decreasing my anxiety, and has helped me learn how to […]

From Beginner to Buddha in 5 Simple Steps: A Newbie’s Guide to Meditation

Be Well

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As 4th of July weekend sizzles to a stop with the final sparkle of a stray and delayed firework, you, like me, may be wondering: Am I weird for feeling like I need a vacation from my vacation?? Followed by some daydreaming about nibbling on quaint, chocolate-coated biscottis while rounding a corner on the cobblestone […]

How To Fly For *Basically* FREE (In Europe Especially)


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My 4-step, Self-Reflective Checklist to Clarify Whether YOU Are the Reason You’re Single Or Struggling In Your Relationship You’re in the fire of a fight, your heart’s bursting with emotions, and your mouth is slurring out accusations. But when the argument dies down, you have a slight moment of reflection where you’re sitting with yourself, […]

Are YOU the Reason You’re Single Or Struggling In Your Relationship?


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Multidimensional You ebb and you flow Like the wind and the water Fluid Forever moving Shrinking and expanding Your identities Forever changing ~ So why do we claim to be one thing? Something. When we are so much more ~ You are the genie in a bottle The entire universe in a skin-covered capsule. ~ […]

Genie In A Bottle


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YOU DID IT! You made it through what’s oftentimes the most difficult part of the “trying something new” equation. Making the decision! Unless you didn’t read last week’s blog? In which case – I GOTCHU! Uncover what the pathway to purpose and passion abundant living looks like for you right here, and then come back […]

How to Unleash the Strength to Start Something New


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You know those moments where you feel like you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be, nothing feels lacking, and you’re completely at ease? I know we both want more of those moments, and the way we get more is by aligning ourselves with the path of our purpose.  AKA: The reason why you’re here, existing […]

The Must-Be-Magic 5 Step Method to Ensure You’re Aligned with the Path of Your Purpose


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We all have that one person (or, more likely persons), we just do NOT want to get into it with, and will attempt to avoid arguing, or even “conversing,” with at all costs. But as the world reopens, we realize that social freedom also means the reintegration of large family gatherings, in-law introductions, and an […]

An Aristotle-esque Guide to Getting Through Family Dinners With Grace


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SUNKISSED Everytime the sun hits my face I’m reminded of you Maybe it’s the warmth The way it touches my skin But somehow seems to be left lingering in my soul The way it rests upon the beds of my lashes The rays stretching and reaching to simply feel my face Maybe it’s like sensory […]



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