10 Books to Top Off Your Hot Girl Summer (on a scale from self-improvement to scandalous)

August 5, 2021

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Are you an avid reader looking for something new to sink your teeth into?

Or maybe you’re like a lot of us and need a book juicy enough to appeal to your unique appetite?

I mean, I studied books as the base of my degree, and often that’s^ still me.

But not today baby!

Scaling from self-improvement to sexy and scandalous, keep skimming to uncover 10 books to top off your hot girl summer with a splash.

Oh! And I should probably warn you:

Some of these texts really will make you wet with sweat, which is why I suggest you read them with your Pinot Grigio girl group by the pool!

The first 5 books you’ll see on today’s list land on the scale of:

Self-improvement – so you can continue leveling up, even in between the hard kombuchas and beachside spritzers. 😉

Simply click on the title to check the books out for yourself!

THE SOURCE, by Dr. Tara Swart

Ever wonder what all the rave is surrounding The Law of Attraction?

After reading The Source: The Secrets of the Universe, the Science of the Brain – you’ll no longer wonder whether The Law of Attraction is really worth the hype, AND you’ll be equipped with the scientific strategies to start using the law effectively in your own life.

Want a little taste of what Dr. Tara Swart has to say before book-buying? Hear her breakdown how manifestation works on this Goal Digger podcast episode!

A quote to remember: “Positive desire is the mentality that we can make good things happen, and it’s the emotional intensity of that desire that drives it towards a tangible outcome.”

THINK AND GROW RICH, by Napoleon Hill

I mean, I just couldn’t leave out THE classic. You know, that ol’ book everyone talks about where that personal development dude shares what his decades of studying the richest people in the world allowed him to discover about gaining and retaining wealth. Although Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill may not make your toes tingle, it will absolutely arouse you into abundance-informed action.

If you’re anything like me, TAGR will have you uncovering things in areas of your habits and personality you’d never believe, and if you’re looking to truly “Think And Grow Rich,” you’d be hard pressed to find a book that will serve you better than this.

A quote to remember: “Every adversity brings with it the seed of an equivalent advantage.”

WHAT I KNOW FOR SURE, by Oprah Winfrey

What can you truly know, without a shadow of a doubt? Leave it to Oprah Winfrey to find out!

If you’re an OG Oprah fan, you may recognize this text as a refreshed collection of The Oprah Magazine’s ‘What I Know For Sure,’ column. Tastefully transformed into one text filled with the brightest jewels of Miss. Winfrey’s wisdom, What I Know For Sure serves as a guidebook of timeless teachings that individuals within all walks of life can benefit from.

A quote to remember: “What I know for sure is that pleasure is energy reciprocated: What you put out comes back. Your base level of pleasure is determined by how you view your whole life.”


Maybe you’re surprised to see artist, activist and author, Cleo Wade’s elementary-appearing children’s book on the list. BUT- hear me out.

The truth is, I actually bought this book the other day for my cousins, (better known as Boo-boos) – Axel & Hazel – and I couldn’t put it down. Then it kinda-sorta became a part of my spiritual practice (I read it every AM as a part of my meditation), sewww I GUESS you could say it’s pretty impactful for adults too. 😉

A quote to remember: “Sometimes we go the wrong way on our way to the right way.”


Guiding you through ‘Universal Lessons’ and the corresponding steps that led Gabby Bernstein to a happy, peaceful, purpose-filled life, The Universe Has Your Back does just what it’s subtitle says it will: Transform Fear into Faith. A mighty claim you may want to call bullsh*t on- until you read through the abundant amount of raw, real experiences that empowered Gabby to write the collection of epiphanies in the first place.

A quote to remember: “We learn that good things don’t happen without a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. I challenge you to move beyond these beliefs of limitation and suffering. I challenge you to accept that you’re here to have fun.”

Congrats! You’ve officially dove into the deep end, and landed in the (*big kids only*), section of today’s list.

AKA: The sexy, slightly scandalous, second half of today’s Summer reads – guaranteed to get you tingling with transformation.

UNTAMED, by Glennon Doyle

Do you ever feel like your life isn’t AS fab as you thought it’d be when you imagined “adulting” as a little girl?

You’re not alone. In fact, the very essence of Glennon Doyle’s bestselling book, Untamed, is consciously crafted to explain the systems and thought patterns that may be keeping you caged out of embodying your most beautiful life. (Plus the four keys to your freedom!)

What makes the book even better is- it comes from the voice of someone with experience.

Famously known as a Christian author and blogger married to the father of her children, four years ago Glennon Doyle walked into a conference, looked at a woman across the room, and thought, “there she is.” And thus (without spilling too much!) ~ began her untaming transition.

A quote to remember: “We forgot how to know when we learned how to please. This is why we live hungry.”

WOMAN CODE, by Alisa Vitti

Ladies – Ready to FINALLY understand what’s going on in your vajayjay and the reality of it’s ripple effects on your physical body, energy and mindset?

From the types of sexual pleasure that best support your hormones to illuminating organic pathways to heal adult acne and PCOS, Woman Code by Alisa Vitti will inspire you to get to know yourself from the inside, out. If you’re ready to live in flow with your hormones (instead of feeling like you’re fighting against them!), you simply need to read Woman Code.

Click the blue link above to access Alisa’s book and learn how to protect your cycle, amplify your fertility, supercharge your sex drive, and become a power source.

A quote to remember: “Most women know very little about our hormonal biochemistry, and as a result, we’re making choices about our menstrual care, fertility, and libido that have long-term negative repercussions.”


Having studied the tension between our need for security and freedom in human relationships for decades, Belgian psychotherapist and erotic intelligence expert, Esther Perel, provides a breathe of orgasmic air to the average relationship, while challenging the idea that monogamy should be a monotonous thing. (AND Esther has 20+ years of experience as a couples therapist to back it up.)

If you’re ready to embrace even your oldest relationships in a way that feels fresh, exciting and butterfly-ee, you’ll definitely want to get your hands on Mating In Captivity.

Want to wet your palette before fully sinking your teeth in? Check out this Big Think article sharing 11 Esther Perel quotes that set the record straight on love and sex.

A quote to remember: “Eroticism requires separateness. In other words, Eroticism thrives in the space between the self and the other.”

THE ETHICAL SLUT, by Janet W. Hardy & Dossie Easton

Surprised to see the ‘S’ word up there? Say no more!

Redefining what it means to be a ‘slut’ (as well as why it produces such a sour-faced, sensory response in so many of us) is exactly what The Ethical Slut explores. But this book isn’t JUST for sluts. It’s for anyone who wants to explore the extensions of their love and lust. Written by lovers, dear friends and coauthors Janet W. Hardy and Dossie Easton, The Ethical Slut is a fun and funny, educational and empowering read- especially for us ladies.

A quote to remember:

The most successful long-term relationships are the ones with enough flexibility to redefine themselves over and over again through the years.

JUST KIDS, by Patti Smith

For my hippy romantics – this book just gets it.

After first falling in love with Just Kids in high school, I can truly say Patti Smith’s story made a forever impression on me. Written in part as a solute to New York City in the sixties, Just Kids is a riveting read filled with colorful expression, raw emotion and tragic truths that are highly likely to transform you and your worldview.

A quote to remember: “I thought to myself that he contained a whole universe that I had yet to know.”

WOOF – writing about those last five books sure worked me up a sweat- so let’s CHEERS! And then I have a question for you..

The suspense is killing me!

So tell me, have you read any of the above texts already?

And if not- which side of the scale will you and your book babes be starting with?

I can’t wait to hear about it!!



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