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Are you also on a mission to empower women with the methods, mindset or inspiration they need to wash away old, limiting programming and embody the infinitely capable creator they were born to be? Whether you’re a perspective-expanding podcaster, proper researcher, fellow coach, healer, mystic or creative entrepreneur, you’re my type of person, and I would love to work together!


That’s where I come in. A want-it-all woman just like you! You see, I too long tried to tame myself to one box, but it’s sharp-cornered, self-limiting beliefs almost swallowed me whole. It was in that breakdown moment I decided to break through those boxes and crack the code to create a revitalized, WAYY shinier space that would allow myself and women like me to embrace the juiciest, most beautiful flavors of their individuality with effortless ease. My end goal? Empowering an empire of resources + experiences for women on a mission to live out their highest purpose, with limitless abundance, unapologetic confidence, and an unshakeable sense of wholeness. Want to team up and create change with me, catalyst to catalyst? When you’re with me, let’s chant it together:

You’ve realized ‘staying in your lane’ is straight boring, and you know you’re too unique to follow a rulebook. What you need is a roadmap (and a supportive community) to rid yourself of ordinary conditioning, and finally embrace your multi-passionate personalities every yearning, in harmony. 

balance is timeless.

Ways to Work Together

For those craving private guidance to expand their holistic abundance and embody their highest self, for the highest good.


For those on a mission to empower infinite possibilities for others by illuminating the truth, providing practical, evidence-based tools, and scaling oneness.


Working to empower our species with resources to create rich, purposeful, fulfilling living? Let’s chat about teaming up today!


“To say that Kendra is a unique and extraordinary human being is an understatement. She’s an extraordinary speaker, teacher, presenter, writer, and whatever she does - whether she’s in front of the camera, the keyboard, or live - she always brings the fire. If you get the opportunity to work with her, I cannot recommend it highly enough.”

Word on the street says

Joseph McClendon III 

“Since starting working with Kendra I wish I could go back and show my old self the person I have become today that I always knew was in me but never knew how to find. Kendra taught me through multiple sessions how to redirect negativity and see the light in every situation, she taught me how to see the best in myself and amplify my confidence, she taught me the difference and impact perspective makes. She is someone who I can be fully vulnerable with and who has helped me find the routes of wounds that have held me down from living my best life. She inspires me with her own overcomings and gave me hope of a better someday. She is simply nothing less than an angel who helped me get my wings back.” 

Word on the street says


"Kendra’s Breakthrough Balance blog will sync you up with uplifting- creative-remember-who-you-are-and-who-you-want-to-be reminders, tips, and insights every time you tap in. This blog is, most importantly, well written, authentic, whimsy, and eloquent all at the same time. Tap in and enjoy, learn, and believe."

Word on the street says

Teri Young 

“Kendra was a joy to work with and brought energy and enthusiasm to help us
create hundreds of brain warriors. Kendra is a
delight I simply can’t
recommend highly enough.”

Word on the street says

Dr. Daniel Amen


Whether your business is wellness-focused, career-centered, exploration-empowering or simply supports authentic, everyday balance in another way, I would love to chat about the possibility of teaming up today!

Are you a conscious change maker looking to infuse divine peace, holistic abundance, harmony and oneness throughout our world?


Whether it be presenting on stage or via Zoom, I love speaking about the miraculous impact of aligned, MIND-BODY-SPIRIT wellness, purpose, overcoming limiting beliefs, and designing the fulfilling, harmony-rich life of your dreams. Having had the honor of sharing the stage with esteemed changemakers like Dr. Daniel Amen and Joseph McClendon III, I'm known for holistically immersing audiences in high energy, inspiring, engaging experiences.

Seeking to elevate your business or community with a practical, empowering approach to living each day in adundance and harmony?


You're the only one standing in your way. Don’t waste another day second-guessing or constricting. Our world needs you. NOW is your time. 

Ready to embody your highest self daily, so you can so you can unlock holistic abundance, limitless freedom and overflowing creativity for yourself + those you love and lead?