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Redesign what you do DAILY.

The 3-hour, live and immersive workshop created to help you transform from the person you are to the person you want to be (without having to spend thousands on life coaches or abide by a rigid routine),
on September 24th, 10am-1pmEST.

What’s the easiest way to get from where you are to where you want to be?

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Enter: Harmonize Your Routine to Claim the Life of Your Dreams

Picture this: achieving, loving, working, moving, overcoming–ALL in a flow state. You know, those times when it feels like that whole “work/life balance” thing isn’t just a cute phrase? When you attend the live workshop, you’re going to learn, step-by-step, how to curate a routine that’s aligned with your unique spirit and the 6 elements of balance, so you can access both accomplishment and fulfillment. Because you were made to claim the life of your dreams, in effortless harmony.

Harmonize Your Routine + Claim The Life of Your Dreams


The Live Workshop

I’ve been right where you are (more on that later) and I want to teach you the simple system I used to transform from severely depressed and self-sabotaging to embodying my ideal self and the life of my dreams, in effortless harmony.

Come hang with me for a spicy Saturday morning!



Harmonize Your Routine To Claim The Life of Your Dreams 

The 3-hour, live and immersive workshop created to help you transform from the person you are to the person you want to be (without having to spend thousands on life coaches or abide by a rigid routine).

You’re an achiever with high standards, who knows they were made for more. You’re looking at the color-coded goals you have left to check off in 2022, recognizing you’re not exactly where you’d hope you would be by now. (And if you’re really honest with yourself, this isn’t the first year you’ve felt this way either.) You may even begin to blame yourself for not working harder or waking up earlier. But the truth is, you want to reach your goals while living in a state of flow. NOT allow one to cancel the other out. Comparing your progress to others online who seem to have it all, you know deep down it IS possible, and you want to know how you can also call dibs on unshakeable success and fulfillment, without having to sacrifice your life balance.

Tell me if you can relate...

You’re nowhere near alone, friend. Just over a decade ago, I was right where you are. Until one therapist helped me change everything. And now I want to help YOU do the same! 

So what do you say? Secure your seat at the workshop and start your Saturday morning off with a coffee and a “DANG”--in the very best way.

Are you ready?

Guess what?

Who Do You Want To Be?

Was what my therapist (Lyla) asked me at age 16. Living in a severely depressed, self-sabotaging state, I wanted to answer her so badly, the only problem was I couldn’t remember what it felt like to be even mildly happy, let alone identify the intricate workings of my hopes and dreams. So Lyla guided me on a transformative journey, designed to help me equip myself with the vision, self-knowledge and practical tools I needed to create the life of my dreams, in harmony. And now I want to help YOU do the same. Because, now more than ever, the world NEEDS YOU to nurture your gifts and live out your purpose. And in this 3-hour, live workshop, I’m going to teach you how to identify your ideal future self, and then use that vision to map your unique harmony roadmap, integrated with the essential 6 elements of balance, so you can transform from who you are today, to the person you were born to be, with refreshing simplicity and speed.

Are you ready?

Knowing your ideal self vision (and how the essential 6 elements of balance intersect within it) 

Understanding your unique harmony recipe (so you can stay in a flow state, even when life get crazy)

Strengthening your neural pathways to more easily and effectively get what you want

Having the precise weekly routine that’ll take you from where (and WHO) you are, to where (and WHO) you want to be (+ feeling supported in your journey with new friends from a like-hearted community) 

With the reusable, customizable Weekly Planner Resource you can take with you anywhere, designed to help you prioritize what matters, so you can do less and get more

Celebrating your unique journey (where you are and where you’re going) + freaking READY as can be to take on 2023 

When you exit the workshop, you’ll walk away…

Fit with a customizable, weekly calendar and quick journal prompts designed to help you ground in your best self, mind, body and spirit. Take this reusable resource with you anywhere you go, as a means to prioritize what matters most, so you can live in flow while being pulled–not pushed–towards your goals.

Get Access to the Holistic Weekly Planner Resource


Weekly Planner Resource

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."
— Aristotle

If You’re Ready To Stop Watching Other People Surpass Their Goals While Embodying Their Best Self + Create That Reality For Yourself - You Can’t Miss This Workshop

Here’s the thing: I want you to end 2022 *knowing* that 2023 (and beyond) is going to light your soul on fire–especially after the unique global struggles we’ve experienced in the past few years. Because the truth is, YOU are your best asset. And when you invest in designing a routine that empowers you to feel and act your best, you unlock a Pandora’s box of opportunities for you to thrive, even amidst uncertain times. With vast studies revealing that personalized routines are proven to help you manage your mental health, avoid procrastination, prevent substance abuse, reduce stress, and create healthy habits–the science proves that the everyday patterns we create for ourselves are the building blocks of holistic success. And instead of entering next year with broken self promises, messy hair and unmet resolutions, I want you to be empowered with the tools to claim the life of your dreams, with delicious balance.

Embody your ideal self with ease, in + beyond 2023.

This      for you if:

You’re ready to operate from your ideal self automatically 

You want to stay the same 

You want a routine that feels freeing, not restricting

You’d rather live in the harsh extremes than in harmony

You’re over comparing yourself to others online (when you know you have everything you need inside to create your ideal life), and you’re ready to make now your time

It's         for you if:

You like living in fight or flight mode and wasting your energy on daily decision making


It's       for you if...

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I’m Kendra.

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But maybe most importantly, I’m a woman on a mission to help you embody each and every one of your wildest dreams, unapologetically.

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