It all started when I realized I didn’t have to choose.

I didn’t have to choose between all of the unique flavors of my individuality and the person I wanted to be. And guess what? Neither do YOU. You don’t have to choose between feeling good and looking good. You don’t have to choose between living for yourself and living for someone else. You don’t have to choose between being free and committing.

You don’t have to choose between healthy boundaries and deep, meaningful relationships. You don't have to choose between holistic riches, and loving service. And you definitely don’t have to choose between being your authentic self and the self societies definition of success says you “should” be. (NOR do you have to choose between any other blanks your heart yearns
to fill in!)

How can I be so sure? Scroll for the #before show!

Believe it or not, I wasn’t always the kissy-faced confident chick you see pictured above. I once was an obsessive extremist, plagued with perfectionist ideals and the fear that I had to choose one thing or another - between feeling good and looking good, loving myself and living for others, wanting a comfortable career and wanting to travel and volunteer, following my heart and following my logic, feeling in flow and feeling like I’m flailing, and between being my authentic self and the self I thought I “should” be in order to achieve “success.” I was discouraged, depressed, dissatisfied, and I didn’t know where in the heck the silver lining could be located - and unfortunately MapQuest wasn’t making it any more helpful.

I felt torn between all of the things I wanted to do, see and be, when all I really wanted was to feel complete, and like an authentic, confident, connected, fulfilled version of me.

Next stop: Ecuador. I had lived and volunteered abroad before, but this was for a full year- which was my longest contract to date. Impossible to squish on any About page, my adventures abroad were significant and inspired an unshakeable shift in my understanding of on-purpose living, as well as how I could live in a way that empowered every dimension of me. Pocketing every profound practice and piece of perspective I encountered, I came home an expanded soul that simply couldn’t fit in a corporate cubicle any longer. Working at the leading immigration firm in San Francisco, I was impassioned by my work's results, but the lack of corporate creativity was blocking me from tapping into in-flow, fulfilling living. After the fear of quitting my law firm position faded, I vowed to put ultimate trust in my intuition and the universe by freelancing forever, leading me to become the holistic empowerment coach and creator you see before you now.

Which brings us back to you. Exploring and volunteering taught me the human spirit has no limits, and the eclectic education entrepreneurialism has given me access to continues to empower me with the truth that we don’t have to choose. And thus, create the most beautiful, colorful space for ourselves in this world through that truth. The question is: Will you join me now too?

So I did what I always do when I’m hungry to uncover answers:


Fast + Fun Facts About Me

My intuition saved my life when I experienced my dark night of the soul at 16 years old. My mission today is to help people create the dream life they were destined for with ease & flow from that universally wise zone.

I feel my most authentic and aligned self when I'm engulfed in a space of service, creative expression, heart-connection, laughter, music or the ocean.

Raised by some of the strongest, spunkiest and most sincere women I know, I’m a true gals gal to my very core.

Overcoming disordered eating & chronic joint pain within my 11+ year holistic wellness journey, I now see beyond the veil of what wellness means to our society, as well as what it truly takes to nurture a thriving relationship with your body. 

Following my mystic spirit to study religion throughout college + beyond, I’m fascinated by the power beliefs have on our interconnected world and individual experiences.

I was the girl my besties always thought would get married last (if ever) and now have happily been with my fiancé for 7 years (one of which we did from separate sides of the equator)!

Fast + Fun Facts About Me

did we just become best friends?

Because I’m SUPER into it.